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    you understand that. But there are literally millions of people who don't understand that, and who have their hands full with other things, and that's life. All I am saying is that when facebook hears of a case in which they are experimenting that kills animals, they ought to pull the plug on conducting the experiment on that page. They are only doing it on a small number of pages anyway. Do it on ones like mine, where no one gets hurt, and I can leave.

    I'm not talking about the business of social media, I'm talking about social responsibility.

    But to suggest that people should just switch to something else is not realistic. You can't just get thousands of people on one rescue site to all rejigger how they conduct their online lives.

    That said, they are being forced to do just that, and they are - but in the meantime, and it will be a long meantime, dogs are dying all the time. There are dogs this minute with needles in their arms or twitching in gas chambers because of this intransigence on fb's part.

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