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View Diary: Facebook is Murdering Dogs (131 comments)

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  •  Ok....can you imagine, for a second, the 7 million (1+ / 0-)
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    pre teen, teen and adult complaints Facebook must get in a day.  Things such as:

    "My boyfriend won't stop messaging me...can you turn it off?"

    "I hate Timeline, can you get rid of it?"

    "Farmville is not working, what's up?"

    "I hate the color blue...can you change it?"

    "I can't crop my profile pic right...fix it!"

    "My posts are being deleted!"

    "So and So won't respond to my friend request...can you tell me if they got it?"

    "Can my school really see my Facebook posts??"

    "How come I lost a job because I posted a drunk picture of myself throwing up on New Years?"

    "How many levels are there in Bubble Safari?"

    "My ex husband's great aunt's neighbor is a jackass and she said the F-word on my page!  Can you throw them in jail?"

    "Why can't I see the profile of that boy I like in school who deleted me 12 times???" the 7,000,001th complaint in 24 hours in your "Facebook is a dog killer!!" .....can't you see why you might not get a response?

    •  It is the most populous, long-standing thread (1+ / 0-)
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      Dream It Real

      of complaint in their community forum. And though you make a valid point, their not reviewing valid complaints because of the prevalent signal-to-noise ratio is not a defense. That is neglect.

      •  Neglect to whom??? They owe no one an (0+ / 0-)

        explanation for anything...that's the whole point.

         It is a free gift to you, for your enjoyment....IF you even want to use it.

         It's not a business message bank, a rescue operation, a crisis hotline, a foster network.....

        It is a social media page for people to post pictures of their new cars, trips to Disneyland, kids swinging...

        it's for gossip and political outbursts and homework reminders....

        It's for telling 200 of your closest friends what you ate for dinner, what you look like when you hold a camera upside down in a ladies bathroom or for girlfriends and boyfriends to publicly call each other names for our enjoyment! :)

         That's it...that's all it has ever been.  

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