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View Diary: Over the Hillary-can you pass the test? (87 comments)

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  •  I was an Obama (4+ / 0-)
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    TomP, lina, skohayes, Bush Bites

    supporter from the time I learned about him when he was running for congress,and then of course when he was elected to be my senator.

    That said, I have definitely come around on Hillary.
    She has been the good soldier. She is very talented,and works very hard.

    I listened to her speak the other day at a foreign policy forum on C-Span,and I was once again impressed with her total command on a incredibly wide range of questions posed by the audience for her.

    I actually think she is almost smoother in doing a Q & A on tough issues than the President.

    Too early to spend much energy worrying about her ''vision''...or whether she will even run.
    But, she has made it clear,she is all about womens rights,LGBT rights, human rights, economic equality, soft power, and pragmatic progressivism.

    If she runs, I will give her a fair hearing,and unless someone else emerges that can win, she probably gets my support. She will not stray far from the Obama vision,I suspect.

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