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  •  Democratic Nominee (4+ / 0-)
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    TomP, wwjjd, Crabby Abbey, deha

    I intend to support the Democratic Nominee in 2016.  Beyond that I can't say who it will be.  I hope that it is a capable woman.  I don't care if it is.  I mainly care that the person we put up in 2016 can do the job, do it well, and keep us moving forward, as it were.  That may be Hillary.  It may be someone else.  My mind is completely open on 2016 and I don't feel anyone is owed anything in regards to the nomination.  Romney was owed, apparently.  Look where that got the Republicans.  If Hillary runs hard and wins it, she has my support.  It's far too early to say who I'll support in the primaries.  It might be Hillary.  It might be someone else.  This discussion is not terribly productive at this point, in other words.

    •  In 2008 I supported Obama in the PRIMARY (2+ / 0-)
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      TomP, Crabby Abbey

      In Texas it was known as the Texas two step.  First I voted for him.  Then I attended my precinct (and later County) convention as an Obama delegate.

      A lot could change between now and 2016, but right now, if she were running, I would support Clinton.

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