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  •  well I think dKos is now a propaganda wing (4+ / 0-)
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    boriskamite, corvo, IndieGuy, RuralLiberal

    of the Democratic Party. Must support the status quo. Can't primary anyone for fear it'll help Republicans.

    The site consists mostly of how awful Republicans are. That's not a vision for the future. Coming in second to that is how wonderful the President is and how anything he does is fine. Any deviation from that viewpoint is considered hide rateable by some.

    It extends to anything the President touches. If you don't like a nominee then there's something wrong with you. Don't like something someone in the administration says, then stfu.

    It got pretty crazy during the campaign. The President's poor showing in the first debate became the fault of "the left".

    Anyway, the site is now about winning. What's done with winning is not really important. What is the President's vision for his second term? Does anybody know? Does anybody here care?

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