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View Diary: GOP Implosion: Dick Armey Quits as Chairman of Freedomworks (132 comments)

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  •  Take a look at this... (24+ / 0-)

    That's a list of candidates Freedomworks supported/opposed in 2012 and the amounts spent in each effort.  There is not much win on that list, especially on a per-dollar basis.   Freedomworks backed a lot of losing candidates, but most embarrassingly was its involvement in the Indiana primary; FW played a leading role in Mourdock's beating Lugar, which led to a huge embarrassment in the general.  This organization is not successfully helping Republicans gain power.  Dick Armey's Republicans of a decade or two ago were about winning first; Freedomworks is not (or no longer?) about winning.

    •  The Tea Party was never about winning (13+ / 0-)

      It's about driving the ideologically impure from the party. And they think that is the way to win. Every time they lose, its because the MSM undermined their candidate or because they weren't really the conservative ideologue they thought they were. It never dawns on them that they are losing because their ideas are insane/suck

      •  They seem to be unable to recognize (0+ / 0-)

        that you can only con some people, some of the time.

        It never dawns on them that they are losing because their ideas are insane/suck.
        Or that they were conned by the candidate they chose to back.

        When the conned figure out they were taken for a ride, they have to cover their embarrassment in some way - either by leaving, by forming a new opposition party, or by voting for the other guy.  

        The Tea Party has attracted a lot of charlatans into the GOP, and the former Republican party used them in 2010, then promptly began having to spend more and more political capital to "keep them in line."  In 2012 - the truth of who conned who started to become a national embarrassment.

        •  Actually, they got that con some of the people (1+ / 0-)
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          most the time thing pretty well down, but they're burning out their chances of fooling a majority of people, even merely a majority of Republicans, when it really counts, even with billionaires backing them.  

          The once big GOP circus tent has splintered it's primary center pole and large rips are showing up in the tent as the right side pole keeps leaning harder to the right and the hardcore extremists keep trying to erect poles even further to the right of that one, some pulling for a theocracy and others for total destruction of governmental regulation and the civic services domains of schools, libraries, transportation, health, roads, etc.  We might consider handing them more tent poles and scissors.  

          The most 'opportunistic' thing we could try to do now is seek to separate out the 'moderate' Republicans and the more rational elements of the 'libertarian' wing that keeps throwing in with the Republicans, and try to make them a permanent 'independent party' to differentiate themselves from the hardright pushing theocracy and letting people starve and die without government help.  These are the only folks who still keep giving the GOP some venere of credibility.

          When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

          by antirove on Tue Dec 04, 2012 at 01:55:05 PM PST

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          •  Well, it seems the religious right has damaged (0+ / 0-)

            their ability to provide a veneer of respectability. Besides a gross rejection of science on many fronts, by various religious groups, we saw.

            We saw the Godfather of evangelical Christendom change his stance against Mormonism as a cult, and endorse Mitt Romney as a Christian. A supremely cynical ploy, that the Billy Graham followers are stuck with now.

            We saw pastors campaigning against marriage equality.
            We saw pastors and some congregants calling for expulsion of gays in some form.

            We saw belligerent priests pitted against moderate nuns who want to help the poor.

            We saw a widely respected non-profit lose their ability to conduct their core functions after they aligned with religious extremists against women's access to preventative healthcare.

            We saw some religious universities try to claim exemption from Obamacare minimum standards.

            We saw some CEOs try to claim a religious exemption to avoid implementing Obamacare.

            We saw candidates minimize rape and incest, and justify all sorts of things about the consequences of rape - based on a religious rejection of reproductive science, which was basically an assertion that women and girls have no right to protection from the consequences of violent men who attack or manipulate them.

            The consequence? Two whole generations of accidental feminists. A vast number, in which I include women obviously, but also any man with a wife, mother, daughter, girlfriend or friend who he thinks deserves the right to make their own choices and receive equal pay, and a whole generation of LGBT men and women who want to marry or raise a family.  

            All those people are suddenly awake to what feminism is, why it's important to work for each other, and that the GOP is the anti-feminist party.

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