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View Diary: The QF 6pdr Class M Mark 1 – the sting in the ‘Tsetse’! (48 comments)

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  •  I read about why they took (2+ / 0-)
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    the turbochargers out of the P-39s, I think they were not terribly reliable early on, but another big factor was that P-39s were maybe a bit undersized. When they got all the necessary gear on them for combat, the weight went up and the performance went down.

    The Russians loved them, allegedly. But only used them at low level, as they pretty much didn't have much combat at high altitudes. Even their own higher-altitude designs got short shrift.

    I remember some stories about how they managed to get short takeoff performance out of P-39s, I think it was, if not others. Get them up to as high a speed as possible and then retract the gear whether lifted off or not. Kind of scare the plane into the air. Much like that IL-76 video from Australia a few diaries back. The russian word for air, "vozduch", is derived from "duch", meaning spirit. Lifted up by spirits, as it were. lol.

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