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    a rational diary on guns.

    I own a shotgun(for many, many years) and a long gun(simply because I can.) Since moving to the sticks, I have purchased 2 handguns. I got one, but found it a little large for my hand, so I bought a second smaller frame handgun. Which brings me to a point I make over & over...

    The urban-rural divide on gun ownership is vast. When I lived in a metroploitan area, few people I knew owned guns. Here in a rural area, everyone owns a couple guns. Everyone. Liberals & conservatives alike...

    My opinion: In a (big) city, there is nothing to shoot except other people. When people read about guns in a city, it always, always involves either a person getting shot or being threatened with a gun. In a rural area, many folks make a living using a gun legally--hunting, guiding hunting parties, or protecting themselves in the absence of law enforement.

    When I lived in the city, I would never have thought about carrying a handgun. Never. But now I live in a rural area where people are no more sane than in cities and law enforcement is a long time in arriving. When I lived in a city, I believed(rightly or wrongly) that if I needed help/protetion, it would be there very quickly. I KNOW that is not the case here. A wait of 20 minutes wouldn't be out of the question here--and what shall I do in the meantime? Further, I hike almost daily in very remote(in regards to law enforcement) areas. There is no cell phone reception so I couldn't call for help even if I wanted to-not to mention it would be an hour or 2 in arriving... So, off I go into the woods, and I carry a handgun. The example I use is...should I be set upon by something as small as a rabid squirrel, without a gun all I could do is scream like a 7 y/o girl, which probably wouldn't be effective even against a squirrel. Throw a rabid coyote or a hungry mountain lion or even a bobcat, and I desire to be armed. Fwiw, I also carry 'bear spray'. It is the only thing I can use on an actual bear, which are somewhat common around here. But on a windy day, my spray is worse than useless--it can blow back on me!

    I don't carry a gun when I'm around folks in town. I don't feel the need, although many here do. Never once have I heard or seen a report of a person using a gun irresponsibly in town(excepting the 2 or 3 murders/year in town). But in a bigger city, simply wearing a gun on one's hip would be considered irresponsible. Why? Because there is nothing to shoot except other people in a bigger city. So...I go hiking. I take my gun. I decide to stop at the store on the way home. Is it responsible to leave a loaded gun in my truck while I'm shopping? I think not-so I wear it into the store. No one bats an eye.

    Guns provoke terror when they have no use other than shooting people. If there is a reasonable use for guns--protection from predators like wild animals--people are ok with it. I don't see these 2 disparate ideas ever being resolved I'm sad to say.

    "The better I know people, the more I like my dog."

    by Thinking Fella on Tue Dec 04, 2012 at 08:17:56 AM PST

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