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  •  My dear jabney, you're the Sherlock Holmes (2+ / 0-)
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    And you write about music,
    so maybe you're a musician?

    I just read your
    big idea from a thin man

    One commentator wrote
    that there's not enough work to go around.

    I feel,
    very deeply,
    that's not true.

    I see it every day,
    I live it every day,
    and ideas are in this diary;
    building a chicken coop
    for your ducks,
    that's work.

    At least one of our fellow Daily Kos commentators
    has stated that the USA government
    truly can
    simply issue money at will,
    to pay the wages
    of anyone
    for any work.

    My guess
    is that as long as we don't issue
    ridiculous amounts of money
    that's probably true.

    The national debt is so very high,
    and has been for many years,
    and yet it seems to cause no problem,
    that makes me think
    we could stop the charade
    of selling t-bills
    to borrow money,
    and just issue it based on some taxes,
    and productive work,
    repeal all federal taxes,
    and issue money
    based only on productive work.

    aside from building chicken coops,
    there is so much home improvement,
    for which the home owner could be paid
    by the government,
    at my Walmart workplace,
    I could give you a tour,
    and show you,
    within each four foot section of the store,
    work that needs done,
    and simply does not get done
    often enough.

    I'm talking about organizing the items on the shelf,
    taking away items that don't belong there,
    moving around items slightly out of place,
    picture cans of soup,
    and scented wax cubes,
    and bath towels, hand towels, and washcloth area;
    in each of those areas,
    the front area,
    near the edge of the shelf,
    is partly bare,
    and items out of place,
    and lots of extra items,
    back in the shadows,
    where the customers can't see them,
    and may think we're out,
    and go away sad or angry,
    maybe looking for a store
    in which they can find what they need.

    We don't really lose many customers, though,
    since we're open 24 hours,
    and our prices really are lower
    than the other stores.

    But the place is a mess,
    and the holidays are coming,
    and our store is not hiring anyone right now.

    I think the bosses
    don't have time right now,
    to interview anyone.

    there's lots of white collar work to be done,
    as well as direct physical work.

    when anyone says
    there's not enough work to go around,
    I know that's false.

    Our problem is
    assigning money
    to the work.

    You and I should run the world.

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