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View Diary: gist of Rahm Emmanuel:".... Israel has screwed itself" (340 comments)

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    If religious opinions were held to the same kind of reason, skepticism and scrutiny as say.. political opinions, we wouldn't have a huge portion of the historical misery brought onto the world stage that has been and continues to be religion fed.

    Because we confer a special status of respect to people's religions claims, we also enable those claims to be acted upon without the checks and balances of reason.  Take for example the Catholic Church/Vatican. The world has given such deference to this institution that it has been allowed to run roughshod over Europe for about a thousand years, and in modern history cover up an amazingly extensive system of corruption and crime and not have to answer to any human justice system in any significant way.

    Our founders had to think OUTSIDE the box of religion to come up with the world's first democracy.  While it is true that humans are capable of all kinds of atrocities  and reasons for conflict, religion has given a cover to these behaviors which makes it much harder for the world to address them.

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