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  •  Fantastic piece of Historical perspective (0+ / 0-)

    The Teahadist have so distorted Baracks' image that it would be an uphill battle to  to get broad consensus on such a no brainer. Maybe with time as his legislative accomplishments kick in and get appreciated they will honor Barack with a coin.

    I suspect that Pres Obama will grow larger post 2016, he will make Mandela and Bill Clinton look like small potatoes.

    •  He secured a place in history the night he won (2+ / 0-)
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      Karl Rover, davespicer

      in 2008. Regardless of how the rest of his presidency goes, just the fact of his first election was a watershed moment in our history.

      I hope he will get a coin or something eventually. Regardless of whether people agree with his politics, nobody can deny that being the first black president of a nation with such an ugly history of slavery and racism is a monumental accomplishment worthy of commemoration.

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