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View Diary: How could the US look in 100 states? Part 2 (22 comments)

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    I think you run into opposition when large stretches of a coast are assigned to a single new state. Every state would like to have a little coastline (although perhaps less so after Katrina and Sandy) but you effectively take the coast away in your Gulf Coast state from populations in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida that have been used to thinking of themselves as living in a state with a coastline. I understand the geographical coherence of making a coastal state, but you might be better off with some narrow north/south states rather than a single east/west state just to appease the coast lovers.

    I have a stake in this. I live in Los Angeles, about 15 miles from the sea. I'm not going to like having to enter the state of Santa Monica just to go to the beach.

    It will be interesting to see how you divide  New York City and Los Angeles County into multiple states, although with its borough system, New York has experience with a city subsuming what everywhere else are larger entities. Even so having one political entity -- the city -- encompassing a few states will make for some interesting jurisdictional tugs-of-war.

    Who has more power? The mayor of New York? Or the three governors and legislatures that are contained in the mayor's realm?

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