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View Diary: But You Don't Understand, You Don't Smoke - Update (394 comments)

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  •  Gave it up 29 years ago for laryngitis (13+ / 0-)

    After smoking on and off for about five years.  Endured many years of my father's secondhand smoke too.

    Workers in the building where I also currently work, 6-8 years ago, having been (mostly) banished from the building took to standing in front of the doors.  That secondhand smoke caused - THEY caused - a woman entering to suffer an asthma attack!  She had to be taken away by the paramedics.  

    So: ambulance charge to the victim, hospital bills to the victim, probably an unpaid day off work at least for that day, needless attention by medical personnel who then can't tend to someone possibly more gravely injured, all because of some people's NASTY HABIT, that THEY never have to incur the true costs of... All of which counters smokers' ridiculous argument that they are the only ones who are affected - Nah!

    In many areas, cigarette butts go straight out the window which means the smokers making THEIR litter someone ELSE's cleanup problem.  Chicago recently banned smoking on the beaches, it's about time.

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