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View Diary: But You Don't Understand, You Don't Smoke - Update (394 comments)

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  •  Keep on trying (8+ / 0-)

    If cigarettes disgust you, then keep on trying to quit.  If nicotine withdrawal is causing great discomfort, then use the patch or gum or some other similar product.  When I finally quit for the last time(I quit many times before), I started by changing my habits.  I gave up the morning cigarette, the noon break cigarette etc... until I was down to two cigarettes in the evening which I smoked outside of the house.  At that point I realized that I didn't need cigarettes so I quit.  The first day was easy, the second day was getting a bit tough.  The third day was the hardest so I kept telling myself that I could do it.  After that, it got easier.

    Good luck to you.  Just keep quitting and one day, being a non-smoker will be your new habit and your new identity.

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