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View Diary: To understand the courage of Bob Costas, recall that Mark Kelly said almost the same thing (123 comments)

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  •  The problem I have with Costa's rant is that (0+ / 0-)

    choosing domestic murder as a gun issue is a false premiss.  Domestic violence, violence against women is its own issue

    Violence against women and children occurs most frequently without any weapon other than the attackers hands.  Most men are capable murdering a woman and certainly any child with their hands in a matter of minutes.

    Yes guns are used in domestic violence all too often, but the violence still would happen without the gun.

    In the case of the white racist shooting 8 times at youngsters sitting a a car, the gun is the only issue other than the racism and avery stupid law.

    There is a lot more domestic violence than racist/bigoted violence.  It is its own issue and it is huge in this country.

    His flawed logic weakens the point of his argument about guns because the basis for his rant is not a gun issue.

    I don't knock his effort, but a more intelligent person would have made a more convincing argument.  As a Freshman English essay its about a C+ at best.

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