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  •  The curious world of Grover .... (3+ / 0-)

    and other random thoughts.

    Observation 1: this man should not be as famous or influential as he is.
                  Response 1: somewhere, there are naked pictures of somebody.

    Observation 2: after reading a brief bio, it becomes clear that if only more people liked him, he'd be the antichrist.
                  Response 2: We're safe. Or we've completely misinterpreted the word "antichrist."

    Observation 3:  What with all those congresspersons taking an oath of office to protect the Constitution and its first article which has all that duties of Congress stuff. Like taxes so we can do things, and then taking Norquist, who, we've determined is probably not god, as though he means something...
                   Response 3: Seriously, folks, do you ever read ANYTHING people hand you? Like said oath of office?

    Observations's cloudy. I hope that means rain. It's in the upper 70s still, but still, horses with heavy coats and squirrels all over the freaking place suggests we're going to get winter-bit this year. Everyone around me is suddenly creative, so that's good...sort of. Must go back to getting things done.

    Hope all of you who need a break, a chance, or a gift get one soon (and lasting).

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