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    in California.  The school district my mother-in-law works for cut 10 days off of school this year (after already cutting 3 days the previous year), and if it wasn't for the passage for prop 30, the school district was threatening to cut quite a bit more.  I'm hoping that the new tax revenue generated puts a stop to that trend, not only for her livelihood, but in the best interest of the children.  She works in an inner-city school, so those students need all of the reinforcement of curriculum they can possibly get.

    I wish more schools would adopt a year-round curriculum.  In addition to the time wasted on standardize testing and preparation, a number of weeks every fall are lost as many students are unable to retain material from the previous school year, so teachers must dedicate precious time to reviewing concepts.  Not only would this prevent interruptions in learning, but prevent burn-out of both students and teachers, because of the frequent small breaks.  I'm a college student, and after a practically non-stop 16 week long semester, my brain is pretty fried.  The summer holiday is about 10 weeks long, plus an additional 2 weeks at Christmas time.  A pattern of 6 weeks on, 1 week off, with a 3 week Christmas and summer break would amount to the same number of instructional days.  

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