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View Diary: DOJ quietly drops investigation of Monsanto (145 comments)

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  •  Absolutely right. I failed to mention the lower (19+ / 0-)

    cost of inputs side of it. But you're right, they did under price RoundUp to capture farmers and now that they're caught they have little choice but to chase Monsanto et. al. down the escalation path.

    In terms of yield, the plant scientist Masanobu Fukuoka I think put it succinctly. He said, and this was back in the '80's, that any discussion of yield must be understood in terms of loss. That there is a set point (or upper threshold) at which nature allows in production and that we can never exceed this threshold but only think in terms of "reduction of yield" or crop loss. So when Monsanto talks in terms of "increasing yields" it's not they can increase yields above a given threshold for a particular crop, but that yields won't be subject to as much loss as another method. So they managed to reduce losses for a time as compared to other herbicides (which developed their own resistant weeds and were far more toxic than RoundUp) but are now right back where they started. Their only answer to this mess is to develop crops that allow chemical cocktails so that more chemicals will be sold and sprayed and inevitably more resistant weeds will be created.

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