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  •  Most comments won't have links. (4+ / 0-)

    PS I'm new too, this is just my 2 cents. Feel free to do whatever suits your time and interests.  

    Occasionally, if a reader doesn't believe the comment is true, they may ask for proof in the form of a link.

    But most of the time, it's just curiosity and a desire to know more, when someone asks for a link. Anyone who comes along and knows where to find the link(s) will post the link or video, etc.

    If you feel like doing quick research, and commenting here, this thread will die down in a day or so.  If you want to post something after that consider writing a diary about it.

    I think that wetlands, marshes and barrier islands may become a growing interest as weather patterns change and sea level rises. We need these natural buffer zones and wave breaks all along the coast.  

    I don't know much about wetlands management in the middle of the country and would love to read a diary from the perspective of someone such as yourself with long term experience and knowledge.

    •  Links also help spread the information though (3+ / 0-)
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      LilithGardener, twigg, Kay Observer2

      Sometimes you might think you are on to something and another kossack will point out that the source is questionable. This is good, because it helps refine sources of information.

      But good links from credible sources helps everyone stay well informed and spreads the word.

    •  Thanks for your response. I don't have (1+ / 0-)
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      experience in the field of wetlands management.  My credentials, such as they are, include a lifetime of passionate interest, a major in biology with focus on ecology during the couple of years I was able to attend college, decades of continued interest & study, along with first-hand observation as an amateur naturalist and avid birder (known to non-birders as a birdwatcher).  I agree with you that there is beginning to be some awareness of the importance of wetlands.  But there are also non-coastal freshwater wetlands, which are important in their own ways. You might even haPhve some near you.

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