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View Diary: Libs & Dems: Don't Take Fox's Call (13 comments)

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  •  I disagree. By going on, by challenging the... (1+ / 0-)
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    stupid with facts and argument, even if it is not heard by them, a difference is being made.

    If Silverman had not gone on, O'Reilly would not have said the really, really stupid statement that Christianity was not a religion but a philosophy.  Essentially, Bill had to deny Christianity as an eternal truth and call it simple a way of thinking to beat the Silverman's argument.

    Checkmate, I would say.

    Tax and Spend I can understand. I can even understand Borrow and Spend. But Borrow and give Billionaires tax cuts? That I have a problem with.

    by LiberalCanuck on Tue Dec 04, 2012 at 12:26:15 PM PST

    •  If Walter Cronkite were the host (2+ / 0-)
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      kurious, Mannie

      Challenging their nutcase positions would work.

      But their audience doesn't care that O'Reilly denied "Christianity" is a religion.

      They probably see it just the way he does.

      Which is why the Evangelistas keep trying to find ways around the First Amendment.

      Mostly, it is the snake-handlers who think they can seize public schools.  They were the ones having prayer meetings at the flag pole.  They're in FCA.  

      But come the Rapture, snake-handlers expect everyone who doesn't share their exact dogma to be frying in hellfire.

      Which is why Catholics and Protestants were recently bombing each other to smithereens in Northern Ireland, even though their "dogmas" are remarkably similar.  Closer than they are to USA's snake-handlers, for sure.


      So I'm back to my original point.

      Getting eviscerated on Fox's shows doesn't advance our cause.

      It does help Fox attract its audience that has blood-thirst for anything / anyone "liberal."

      Don't like Fox?  If our "leaders" and "spokes-models" would boycott Fox, its power would ebb.

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