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  •  This reminded me of my best friend during (5+ / 0-)

    our teenage years.  She had two children in her early 20s and had HG with both of them.  She was hospitalized several times for dehydration and was prescribed whatever anti-nausea medicine they were using at the time for chemo patients (this was 1993-97).

    The tragedy is that her ob/gyn suggested tubal ligation for her after her second child.  Keep in mind she was only 27 years old.  She had the ligation done.  

    Unfortunately, her daughter died at 5 months old after aspirating vomit in her sleep while in day care.  My friend wanted to have another child despite the probability that she would have HG again.  The attempts to reverse her tubal ligation were unsuccessful.  

    I always find it troubling when doctors suggest sterilization to younger women, even in these circumstances.  

    •  Unfortunately, just as big a problem is doctors (5+ / 0-)

      who refuse to perform tubal ligations on younger (mid-20s) women who want them.  I've read stories of women whose medical conditions were not compatible with pregnancy -- who would, not might, would die if they attempted to carry a pregnancy to term -- and they still couldn't get doctors to tie their tubes.  Or women who could not get sterilized, no matter how much research they'd done, when their (same age) boyfriends could.  

      Twenty-seven is old enough, IMHO, to make that decision.  Hopefully the doctor did not suggest it at a vulnerable time (e.g., right after she gave birth), and gave her both the time and the information necessary to make that decision.  But if these criteria were fulfilled, it strikes me as unfair to blame the doctor for something that was her choice.

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      by cai on Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 02:10:02 PM PST

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