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    I suffered horribly with my first baby 43 years ago, when it was just a smile, a pat on the head, and 'morning sickness'. But I was sick-sick. Vomiting so much that there wasn't anything to vomit, then I had dry heaves. Couldn't keep water down. Morning, noon, evening, middle of the night... I weighed 110 pounds pre-pregnancy, 85 pounds at 6 months pregnant. The doctor cheerfully told me it was a "good sign the baby's healthy." Great. I sure as hell wasn't.

    It ended for the most part by 6 months in, so I began to gain some weight back. Weighed all of 115 the day my daughter was born. Just over a year later I found myself pregnant again. Not quite so bad or lasting so long, but I was sincerely, woefully sick for months. When my son was born I began a serious quest to find a doctor who would tie my tubes.

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