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  •  Also, brilliant writing. You ring the bell. (1+ / 0-)
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    Icarus Diving

    This point applies more widely:

    "To give you an idea of how backwards the medical profession is in regards to HG, most doctors believe (because this is what they were taught in med school) that HG is usually psychological in nature."
    Replace "HG" with any of a couple dozen conditions and it's rampant. Where docs don't know what to do, it's a default.

    For example, that's almost always true for head traumas. The most obvious evidence of EEG abnormality and real world disability is ignored. It's psychological, you see, unless there is evidence of an ischemic large-bleed stroke. They know how to treat stroke. Veterans Administration fell into that trap in 2011 and hired 1,600 psychologists to treat traumatic brain injury veterans -- amazing stupidity but that's how it works.

    "Beauty fades. Stupid is forever." Lots of the latter.

    This diary is a candle against that darkness. Thank you!

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