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  •  My dad was "Union Man" (13+ / 0-)

    He worked on the railroad and was in the UTU. I went to college and started leaning Republican.  I got 2 degrees in forestry from large universities and I went to work in the extremely conservative field of forestry where unions are looked at with disdain.  But I never closed my eyes, and I came to realize that degreed foresters and treated like cogs in a machine.  They have terrible pay, work long, long hours, and a significant portion of the work-force is fired each time a company is acquired by a bigger forestry company with more debt.  It is a ridiculous field to aspire to if you want: good pay, job security, and to be treated like a human being.  
    Those Unions aren't so bad after all.  I sure wished my Dad was here on Election Night.  He would have been proud to see my transformation and we would still be celebrating our November victories.

    I'll put on my glasses.... and tell you how sweet your ass is. (w/ apologies to Señor Bega)

    by mHainds on Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 07:17:01 AM PST

    •  Been there, done that. (3+ / 0-)
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      Dirtandiron, mHainds, wader

      Went down that road of working for a big timber company, and having to pick up the slack for no additional pay each time the company had a big layoff.

      Salaried foresters could not join a union, but hourly workers had one.  The so-called merit raises that foresters received were remarkably close to the negotiated raises that the union workers got.  I was always thankful for the existence of the union, even if I could not be a member.

      Been self employed 10 years now.  It's much more fun.

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