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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: How Middle Class Wealth Collapsed to a 40-Year Low (81 comments)

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    I was right there with you, right up to the point where you tried to explain to me why you think the Republican politicians are attractive to some voters. Your belief that people vote for Republicans because they are afraid of being deprived is no different than the radical right saying people vote for Democrats because they want to be lazy and have everything handed to them. I understand that is how you apparently view the Republican political strategy, don't imply that it is anything more than an opinion. You see the Republicans refusing to give something to people as deprivation, I see Democrats giving things to people as deprivation. Let me explain.

    Democrats, on the other hand, have been reduced to the role of the good Samaritan, trying to compensate for the fact that the pirates have the goods locked up.
    I don't see that Democrats have been reduced or even forced into this role, rather have chosen it as a differing technique to maintain their power. All politicians give political favors. It is corrupt, it is wrong, it should be stopped, but it is NOT one sided. When the Democrats offer an extra year of unemployment benefits, which benefitted a statistically left leaning group of people, it is just as corrupt as the Republicans giving tax breaks or subsidies to large corporations. Securing loans for green energy companies is no less corrupt than doing so for oil companies. They are both using tax-payer’s dollars to buy votes and remain in power. Where the Democrat’s genius shines is that they are, ironically, buying the cheaper votes which turns into more votes per dollar. They are also getting the added benefit of getting people used to relying on the government for things they would otherwise have to acquire on their own. I say ironically because if you look at government as a business, that is a very ingenious business plan. It’s very similar to the business plan of Wal-Mart. They go in to a small town or community and offer the same or similar products at a much lower price than the local stores and all in one location which makes it much more convenient for the consumer. Eventually, the local stores close and now the whole town has no other option but to shop at Wal-Mart. This business model has worked extremely well for Wal-Mart, to the point where now most everyone despises Wal-Mart but they shop there anyway because they have few to no other options.

    In regards to the predator comments; if you look at it from a strict food chain standpoint, humans are animals, we are natural born predators and we are the top of the food chain. The problem with your “Little Red Riding Hood” analogy is that it involves two different species. While many animal species do co-exist together quite well, others do not (hence wolves and humans). More to what I perceive was the point of that, whether you want to believe it or not every American is just as human as every other American. The only differences are our upbringing, experiences, and natural born abilities. Just like in any group of animals, there are the alphas and there are the ones who make up the rest of the group. Those alphas are your “1%”. Unfortunately, just like in any other animal group, not everyone is born to be an Alpha. You’re looking at it as if the alphas are making the decision as to who can and cannot be an alpha and that they are preventing you from being one. That’s simply not the case. Again, just like in the animal world, if you decided you wanted to be an alpha and had the skill sets to accomplish that, you would already be an Alpha. One thing you don’t see in the animal world is the rest of the pack/herd/whatever rising up against the Alpha unless they have another Alpha to take its place. Where Americans have evolved above the rest of the animal world and what makes us exceptional is where we have molded a form of government that presents every individual equal opportunity for success. The kind of “equality” you’re looking for doesn’t exist, never will, and wouldn’t work if it did. Someone has to lead, and what makes America unique and prosperous is that, unlike every other country, our Alphas are NOT all employed by the government. Look at Russia, or China, or Nazi Germany. That is what happens when the government becomes the sole power. We have to put our trust in our political leaders, but we have to diligently watch them to make sure out trust isn’t misplaced in order to maintain our power as individuals over them. If we become completely reliant on government, lose that power.

    We the people can eradicate homelessness in America, not the government. We the people can feed all the starving children, not the government. We the people create jobs and build wealth, not government. The government’s role in the whole thing is solely to protect our rights and freedoms so we can continue to do so; the rest is up to us as a society. There’s a saying: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” We can’t just take money from the people that have figured out how to earn it and give it to those who don’t. We have to teach people the skills they need to earn it themselves and we need to teach them to be responsible with it so they have some saved up when and if they do lose their job or when they reach retirement. The real problem is not the starving children or the homeless people; they are symptoms of the problem. The problem is that we’ve been relying on the government to educate our kids and no one wants to admit that the

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