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View Diary: More news on California's ban on "Conversion Therapy" (38 comments)

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  •  Right vs. Left (8+ / 0-)

    Hands, that is.

    The example given is more apt than possibly realized; there was indeed a point in our past, during the 20th century, where you would be punished for using your left hand. Literally, a ruler would come crashing down on the offending appendage in a crude, yet effective, aversion therapy.

    Much like the attempts to change orientation, many perceived success when the child in question eschewed their left hand for their right, even if their handwriting suffered. It's all in perception -- after all, no one cares about how miserable you are writing "right", just that they aren't inconvenienced by it in any way or have their superstitions challenged (religious institutions correlated "left" with "wrong", which may speak volumes about the right/left political dichotomy... but that's another diary, I suspect!).

    [Wiki on "Handedness"]

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