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View Diary: It's a Matter of Faith: The Conservative Myth of Religion 1 (19 comments)

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  •  While this critique is pertinent... (4+ / 0-)

    This myth is rightly criticized here and it does make up a good deal of bad faith.  I would also say that this myth is not an essential feature of mature religion.

    Usually in Chrisitanity, they would say that we are all sinners and are saved by grace. They don't say that religion makes people good.  That would be kinda counterfactual, no?

    There are religious heroes such as Martin Luther King or Ghandi or Dorothy Day and many more who are inspired to extraordinary service and express that inspiration in religious language.

    Anyway, carry on with the conservative demolishing. It is not necessary to demolish religion in order to demolish conservatism. Most of what passes for conservatism can also be effectively criticized using religion.

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