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View Diary: John Sununu's post election ramblings: "Voters dependent on government" gave Obama the victory (100 comments)

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  •  the wealthy depend on goverment (2+ / 0-)
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    Actually, the very wealthy depend on government for lots of things:

    -- police protection for their persons and property
    -- securities regulation
    -- bank safety and soundness
    -- a civil justice system that enforces contracts and deters fraud
    -- an intellectual property system that rewards innovation and thereby creates wealth
    -- an antitrust system that discourages restraints of trade

    These are all less obvious than a government check.

    But take away government, and the rich will be robbed and pillaged.  

    Unless they hire and pay private armies to protect themselves.  

    If they do that, of course, then they'll use the private armies to rob and pillage each other.

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