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View Diary: Renegade Democrats keep NY state Senate in GOP hands, Cuomo complicit (338 comments)

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  •  Because their pyramid scheme is collapsing. (1+ / 0-)
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    The profitability of hydrofracking in the Northeast has been grossly exaggerated, and is quite possibly nil. The industry is doing everything it can to conceal the fact that output per well drops like a stone within the first year, because it will scare off fresh gulls (er, investors) desperately needed to keep the scam going.

    The corporate Goliath of Northeastern hydrofracking mineral leases looks exactly like a Madoff pyramid scheme; it's flipping real estate at the speed of light, using the funds from new 'investors' to pay off existing shareholders before the whole thing collapses. Hence the desperation to crush resistance to wide open fracking: the house of cards is about to collapse.

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