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View Diary: President Obama: Debt Ceiling Negotiation "Is Not A Game I Will Play." (117 comments)

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  •  I sort of think that the White House (17+ / 0-)

    learned a bit of a lesson from the past four years of trying to negotiate with the GOP hostage-takers.

    I hope that their new strategy doesn't revolve entirely around the fact that Obama doesn't have to worry about another election.  The truth is that they DO need to worry about at least one election and that comes in 2014.  I'm hoping that they learned from 2010 and the perils of falling on one's own sword for the Republicans only to then be skewered by them in an important election again.

    Finally, the White House is showing a bit of realism in understanding that not matter what they do, how much they give to the GOP, they will never be their friends - not this iteration of the Republican Party of the early 21st Century - this crowd is too crazy and too power hungry to trust.

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