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View Diary: Remember when strong unions and high taxes killed jobs? (35 comments)

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  •  1946 was an alternate Earth which looks like 2013 (2+ / 0-)
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    We had graver problems with deficits, recession, vets coming home to a lack of jobs compounded by crippled trade and availability of credit due to a devistated Europe. But we had much higher taxes which went up every year with enormous spending on the GI Bill, the Marshall plan, and building the interstate highway system. With a 91% top tax rate through the 50's and lots of union support from mostly Democratic congresses we became the world's wealthiest nation and developed the first modern middle class where most of the nation's wealth was in the pockets of most of its citizens.

    1946 and the following 20 years demonstrate that the Republican economic proposals are the wrong way to go. And they know it which is why they fight against ours and New Deal approaches. A healthy government would place the teabaggers back under a rock.

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