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View Diary: What Did Discussing The Walking Dead TV Series at the Daily Kos Teach Me About White Privilege? (75 comments)

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  •  You lost me on the underlying meanings of the (0+ / 0-)

    Governor getting stabbed in the eye.  That reminded me of the silly games of "find the symbolism" we would take from our Freshman English Lit class and apply to whatever movie was playing at the theatre that week.

    You've turned what could've been an interesting discussion about popular culture amongst well intentioned and well-meaning progressive democrats into into a very dark game of "out of all the people here is there even one person who is not a flaming sexist racist?"  Sorry if that's over generalizing but you're setting the standard.

    •  huh? (1+ / 0-)
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      what do you mean. who is a flaming racist? that is in keeping with the common deflections when colorblind racism is called out. lots of pity party stuff.

      do you have an example? if folks are in denial about the racial codings (and gender as well) in the walking dead or other texts, then they are aiding and abetting a larger system of institutional and social power, one that is very problematic in these regards.

      i was very specific in my claims. if you have some evidence of where I was not, do offer it up.

      •  Thanks for making my point with (0+ / 0-)

        Your second paragraph telling us that we are either for you or agin' you. How very Bush like of you.

        How about considering that for at least some of the people who are scratching their heads over trying to figure how you get all of these other meanings out of the show aren't getting those meanings because they aren't racist or sexist, or at least trying not to be so?  They're just people watching a show about other people.

        Of course there are social connotations in the plot and the writing. What the frickin' frack would a show look like that didn't have connotations?

        We're all products of those who came before us. It's all well and good to explore what that means, as long as you do it with a teaspoon, not a ladle.

        •  there was not much open questioning (1+ / 0-)
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          there was instead much hostility and apparent immediate dismissal that such a thing was even possible. i try to respond to most comments when possible and appropriate.

          what happened there, and why i wrote this followup, was a classic example of racism denying via claims about popular culture.

          not understanding is one thing and then asking honest questions to better follow through. being unwilling to understand because the very fact that racism and sexism are operative in popular culture--and you simply can't accept such a thing about your favorite show--is an exercise in racism denying.

          "as you do it with a teaspoon, not a ladle."

          again, not interested in hand holding or other silliness. drink at your own pace.

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