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View Diary: GOP Tom Davis Labels Changing Electorate ‘Underclass Pulled Out Of Apartments’ (10 comments)

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  •  "mudsills and greasy mechanics for A. Lincoln" (6+ / 0-)

    That was a sign held at a Lincoln rally in 1860. (From McPherson's book, Battle Cry for Freedom")

    The soon-to-be-Confederate aristos were sneering at the "rabble"  that was being "allowed"  to vote for Lincoln. Remember, universal suffrage was a relatively new development then.) One aristo called them "the mudsills of society", another called them "greasy mechanics". Hence the pro-Lincoln sign.

    Now we get the same exact arrogance  from the same exact people 150 years later.

    I am so tired of these bums. They never change. They never stop trying to turn the clock back. And, worst, they never run out of money to push their rotten anti-democracy agenda.

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