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View Diary: Senate passes amendment requiring coverage for abortion for military women pregnant from rape (56 comments)

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  •  Morning-after pill - as a medical solution (2+ / 0-)
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    LSophia, GreenMother

    My son is in the military (my daughter is not) and I know from his experience that getting to sick bay to see a doc isn't easy, especially if you want to keep your superior satisfied.

    Under normal circumstances it may take several days, critical time during which a morning after pill can be highly effective and minimize many other problems.

    One partial solution would be an pre-existing prescription for morning after pill that could be obtained quickly. Some high schools are proposing this for teenagers.

    Yes, this is a sub-optimal solution.
    Yes, it reeks of enabling rapists.
    Yes, it puts the onus on women.
    Yes, it assumes there's a BX nearby.
    Yes, it assumes you're in a rational state of the union.

    I'm trying to deal with the crisis - preventing pregnancy now - and then dealing with the long term issue of how to hold the rapist accountable.  Having one's reputation and career damaged by a rapist is far bigger problem, but not the only one.

    •  IdaMena, you are not enabling Rapists by trying (0+ / 0-)

      to find a bandaid for this gaping wound. You are simply applying direct pressure, instead of doing what the military does, which is to apply the tourniquet around the neck, regardless of the nature or location of the proverbial wound.

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