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View Diary: Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio start repackaging themselves for 2016 (64 comments)

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  •  The Rube and the Ghoul-Eyed Zombie (1+ / 0-)
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    The GOP is already sending in the clowns?  The Ghoul-Eyed Zombie trying to sell himself as a caring soul, so deftly attuned to the needs of the poor?  Good luck with that, Paulie boy, after the photo op you staged "washing" clean dishes in a soup kitchen while forcing your wife and kids to stand beside you, witnesses to your deceit.  And now comes The Rube, a guy so not-ready-for-the-prime-time that he stood gape-jawed in response to an interviewer’s question about how old the earth is.  Anything more than 6000 years would be a very wrong answer for the knuckle dragging oafs who comprise the GOP base, but if The Rube went with only 6000, he’d look like a clown to anyone in the reality based community.  And so he said nothing.  And how many days did it take him till he copped to the earth being billions of years old?  Obviously, The Rube’s a wee bit on the slow side for the job he’s seeking.  With the Ghoul-Eyed Zombie and The Rube already serving up laughs in the race toward 2016, where are the rest of the buffoons?  Where’s Michelle, and Herman, and Rick, and, God help us all, Newt?  Send in the clowns!  

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