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  •  My dear old Mum (12+ / 0-)

    was so ahead of her time in the 50s. I was raised in a small town with lots of farms in the surrounding territories. Mom had an organic garden in the 50s, when most people hadn't yet thought through the difference between soil and crops grown without pesticides, and those grown with them (DDT was popular when I was young). She went out in the country to a woman who had a couple of cows and bought raw milk and raw butter from this woman.

    She took me to meet Dr. Joe Nichols, the founder of Natural Foods Association, and he had an open box of cereal on his desk. It still looked pristine. He said to me, "Eat only food that will spoil, but eat it before it does. If the maggots won't touch it, you shouldn't either."

    Some of us are hesitant to entertain that we have so much in common with maggots on what's best to eat for our corporeal vehicles.

    There were a lot of mosquitoes due to lots of nearby rice fields and being on the doorstep of the Delta. Summer evenings, jeeps would weave through the town spraying a thick fog of some kind of chemical pesticide. It horrified my Mother.

    Here's to you Mom. You were so ahead of your time.

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