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View Diary: Terra Firma or Why We Better Start Getting Dirty (112 comments)

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  •  That is how I am naturally (12+ / 0-)

    then I started dairying.  So of course 99% of that is about keeping everything absolutely sanitary.  For good reason - because some really bad bugs can multiply faster than the Duggar family in milk.

    And I am surprisingly very good at that - but it's weird, because I completely revert to form when I am off duty.

    But such cleanliness creates a problem when it comes to cheese.  Cheese needs bacteria and molds to become really good cheese.  Or even a bad one.

    It used to be in the olden times that came from the environment.  But no longer.  Now most cheese makers have to purchase the little buggers cultured in a lab to add to their pristine milk.

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