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View Diary: Cuomo blames 'Democrats' for state Senate dysfunction—except those who've sided with the GOP (141 comments)

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  •  No, just the opposite. (1+ / 0-)
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    I'm not going to judge anyone in Albany by what they say they support.

    I'm going to judge by what actually gets done.

    If Cuomo signs a bunch of bad bills, then he's a bad Governor. Period.

    The ones we need to not get fooled by are the politicians who talk progressive -- even vote progressive -- but somehow never seem to pass anything.

    •  Your comment is nonsensical (5+ / 0-)

      I agree with the end part: the people who  lie but never seemingly produce progressive results. That's one of my issues with the Congressional Progressive Cause. I don't understand, for example, in a situation where this Fiscal cliff  (or what I like to call the Fiscal Sham) votes will need almost every Democrat (since the GOP won't vote for it and everyone knows that) the Progressive Cause with 70 members isn't essentially dictating terms by shear number alone.  They should be first at the table if they were serios and they should be unwilling to bend. No out langruage like I keep hearing from Pelosi who says a lot of "good sounding things" until you learn to hear the wiggle room in what she says. SHe never commits to anything.

      But that's a separate issue from the manipulations of centrist

      We already know what Cuomo will do with this because he's already done it before. He passes Centrist legislation because he doesn't care about the governorship. He's there warming the seat to build is cred as a national candidate rather than a NY governor.

      His Medicaid built for example was a sellout to the private health care industry in NY state.

    •  the nonsense part is that we don't (2+ / 0-)
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      mightymouse, wintergreen8694

      know what this is about for Cuomo or that we don't know how he has uses these maneuvers in the past. He uses them to gain power for himself for his national run by proving his conservative creds. Just like his passage of gay marriage was to provide cover for his economic policies.

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