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View Diary: Cuomo blames 'Democrats' for state Senate dysfunction—except those who've sided with the GOP (141 comments)

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    I am saying I prefer the arrangement that has existed for the last 2 yrs (Dean Skelos and the IDC) to John Sampson et al who were incapable of running the chamber in 2009-10.  

    If the Senate Dems want to dump Sampson for someone like Liz Krueger or Dan Squadron, I'd happily change my opinion.  Frankly that would be the move that would show me they are serious abut governing and ready to be in charge.  It pains me to say this as a Dem activist but the Senate Dems are not showing they are ready to be in charge again.

    I highly recommend the analysis from Andew C White below that pretty much hits what's happening on the nose.

    With regards to Gay Marriage, the biggest change was Andrew Cuomo who made it a priority and used his clout to pass it.  And I say that as someone who is not a big fan of Andrew or his dad.

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