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View Diary: The Obama Asian American Landslide (101 comments)

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  •  my own perspective as an asian american (11+ / 0-)

    1.  The diarist and commenters here are correct that there is no homogenous asian-american community, and I would tend to scoff at any analysis based on stereotypes, whether they be economic, cultural, or whatnot.

    2.  The Republican Party is very unappealing to ALL non-white racial minorities largely because they seem to really revel in their whiteness and hold it up as some kind of virtue.  "Traditional america", "the real america", etc.  They market themselves to white people, they base their strategy on appealing to white people, and what they get is to be the party of white people.  So of course, us non-white people would be turned off by this and go towards the only other viable alternative, the Democratic Party, if we weren't already for other reasons.

    3.  Facts have a liberal bias.  If you're not blinded by white rage/hate/fear or by astounding Randian selfishness and greed, you are probably going to see the facts and vote more liberal than conservative.

    •  In their photo ops, they have tried to stick a (4+ / 0-)
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      vidanto, elwior, Anak, Aunt Pat

      black face or two in the background just to look more inclusive.  But I haven't really noticed any efforts to see the crowds with Asian-looking faces.  

    •  Some white groups don't like their racism (1+ / 0-)
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      either.  I'd posit that the nativist talk and all the dog-whistling set off a LOT alarm bells for anyone who already has a sense of being an "other," no matter what the skin color.  I'm thinking of the Jews in particular, but I wonder how the Republicans did with other ethnic groups of whites, especially the ones with non-northwestern Europian ancestry or very recent immigration to the US.

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