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  •  I'm saying I have no trust in our media (12+ / 0-)

    which is fed info by a government I have no trust in.

    For all I know, this could be true. For all I know, this could be as false as the anti-Iraq propaganda.

    I have no power to stop anything that's based on lies so all I'm left with is my choice to believe or not to believe.

    I know that I don't believe these people (leaders of our government, leaders in Syria, or news media types) are good-hearted nice guys. It makes me doubt what they say.

    •  I don't think there is much doubt that Assad (4+ / 0-)
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      has chemical to the immediacy of this particular report, yes, I would always be skeptical until there is some more confirmation.  

      But I would hardly put it past Assad.

      •  Assad government has repeatedly said that (7+ / 0-)

        they do have chemical weapons. That's not a secret. They are moving them around. They also admit that. But why are they? That's a question with a number of answers. One answer could be to ensure that they remain secure. Assad's regime has to be concerned at the kind of people they are fighting. I would think they would be really terrified to have them fall into the hands of the rebels. So I am not ready to start panicking about this.

        Syria has stated repeatedly that they would not use them on the Syrian population. Oddly enough, I believe the regime. There are lost of reasons why it would be a stupid idea. If anything  would trigger foreign intervention, this would. Second, it wouldn't improve their security situation, quite the opposite. Third, I suspect that they feel that they are going to win the civil war by steady attrition. We'll see if they are right. But I would be amazed if there were any use of nerve gas. They'd be committing suicide.

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        by Anne Elk on Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 05:59:22 PM PST

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