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View Diary: Education Was Just Killed In Indiana. (39 comments)

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  •  yeah see my post above, I found out the hard way (5+ / 0-)

    too; i thought being a journalist was enough to teach high school, and so did NJ under republican Tom kean. I stuck it out but eventually went into social work. There is no alternate route for a social workers in NJ; if you want to do therapy as a social worker, you need an MSW. Schools still have an old law on the books, where a BSW or someone with credit in school social work can work in schools, but virtually no one will hire them,as the state decreed an MSW qualified you for school certification. Interestingly, a PhD in psychology cannot do counseling in public schools; you must be certified as a school psychologist, which requires somewhat different training. But apparently you can teach just by getting a degree of some sort and getting a B average. Sweet.

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