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View Diary: Indentured Servitude Right Now in North Carolina (117 comments)

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    Black Max, fabucat, wbr, OleHippieChick

    This sounds like a straight state labor law violation. Anyone who employes another has to pay on a regular basis and has to pay taxes. Are FICA taxes being taken out? Do the workers receive tax statements in January each year?

    I think this fellow needs to visit the state employment office. I used to work in one in Texas and I think he'd get straight forward help there.

    Bottom line: Employers have to pay hourly wages, at least the minimum, and they have to keep records.

    The worker does not need a lawyer for this. He needs to file a claim for back wages.

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      OleHippieChick, skywriter

      & what about an anonymous call to the IRS? If they aren't paying taxes for employees - I'm sure there are other tax infractions the IRS would love to know about.

      ...inspiration moves me brightly

      by wbr on Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 11:31:25 PM PST

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      •  I'd start with the state employment office (0+ / 0-)

        they have a strict duty to enforce wage & hour labor laws. State employment offices receive lots of federal dollars (to support unemployment). If they didn't have an attitude and history of helping workers get jobs and get paid on straight wage and hour issues, they'd lose federal funding. My experience with state employment offices is they don't screw around with cases like this. They put the hammer down quickly.

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