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  •  Great Diary! The Modern GOP is America's Shame (4+ / 0-)
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    Politically, I probably disagree with Bob Dole on just about everything, but in his post-1996 life, watching interviews with him regarding his projects (i.e. this treaty, the memorial for WW2 veterans, etc.) I've been struck by what a decent man he seems to be. You don't have to respect his politics to think he's a decent and honorable man who has served his country his entire life.

    What a disgrace these men voting against ratification are. I travel a decent amount, and it seems to me that we've done a pretty good job in making our country more accessible through the ADA.

    Reading through the linked articles, I have yet to see a single goddamn reason that actually exists in reality to vote against ratification. All the arguments seem to be about how the treaty would violate American sovereignty in some vague, unspecific ways. The republicans live in a fantasy land and it's beyond pathological at this point.

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