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    As a left-of-progressive voter, living in a safely blue state, I fully intended to abstain from voting the top of the ticket.

    My reverence for the Constitution and the rule of law is deeply and viscerally outraged by this administration's policy of targeted assassinations carried out via executive order of PBO.  Judge, jury, and execution with no due process of law, to me, is just an obscene exercise of power that hurts me to the core as an American.

    I fight in the trenches as a public defender every single day trying to hold the government to the rule of law, the overarching foundation of our national ideal.  It's a fantastic job, being a constitutional warrior.  I can't imaging any better occupation.

    Thanks to various writers here, I came to understand that it would not be harmless to abstain, that I must cast my ballot for PBO; that whatever my feelings about the above described and other administration policies, the good that can be achieved with an electoral mandate should not be squandered.

    In the end I gave money, I did out-of-state telephone banking for GOTV, and enthusiastically wanted BO to crush Romney.  I felt good about my decision, too.  (Unlike the times I held my nose and voted for Gray Davis for Governor of California.)

    So, let it be known that this community helped one voter make the right choice, and invest both time and money in the outcome.

    My feelings about those policies I abhor haven't changed, but when I see PBO and the Democrats using the mandate of the election results to push for a better nation for everyone, I am proud to have been a part of this movement, however small.

    So, thanks again, for giving me a place to express myself.

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