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  •  not to go all pc on you, but the reason palin's (0+ / 0-)

    nic for the msm wasn't picked up & made as popular as she hoped is b/c the term "lame" carries a negative connotation, & for people who have a disability that causes a loss of mobility, like severe arthritis or the loss of a limb, etc., it's viewed as being derogatory.  i believe "weak" is now the preferred name given to ideas, etc., deemed to be crap.

    it's doubly ironic that sarah palin, who jumped the prez's ass when he used the term "retarded" b/c she has a down's syndrome child, thinks it's "cute" to make fun of people who have a disability she doesn't personally have to deal with.

    hope i wasn't too out of bounds with this advice :)

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