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View Diary: Backlash stops Olive Garden and Red Lobster from cutting worker hours to avoid Obamacare (98 comments)

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  •  I worked fast food in the '80s in high school (16+ / 0-)

    And got to see the scheduling process first-hand.  Managers used this as an opportunity dispense favors and exact revenge, it was completely petty.  Wednesday evening the schedule was hammered out for the following week that started on Monday, and available for all to see on Thursday.  We had about 4 full-timers and everyone else was at some level of part time.  There were actually some high-schoolers who were dependable workers who approached full time, and most others were in the 15-25 hour range.  If they liked you, you could get whatever shifts and hours you wanted, if they didn't like you they would totally fuck with you - lots of hours for people who requested time off, cut hours for people who totally needed them.  People who asked for Prom weeked off a month in advance would find themselves scheduled on the Saturday afternoon of Prom ("I thought you just needed to be off by 4pm") or opening at 7am the next morning and have to horse-trade with their peers.  It was AWFUL to observe, and I was one of the favorites...  I learned so much about how NOT to be a manager by working fast food!

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