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  •  Some rural people (5+ / 0-)

    are almost as dumb with their assumptions as you are with yours.

    I spent my whole life in big cities.  I'm probably much more cosmopolitan than you.  I have lived in 5 different countries, and spoke 4 languages before they fell into disuse.

    Then I moved to rural Oregon.  Red, rural Oregon.  Because I thought a bit like you, but I recognized it as a bias, and wanted to challenge myself.

    And while yes there are some poor rural people who get funny ideas into their head, and are afraid, they're actually no different than some of the poor urban people who get funny ideas in their heads.

    And the farmers and ranchers, and just regular people are actually very smart.  And they know how to live in their environment.  Me, a business owner of a couple of decades, who prides myself on my intelligence, would go to my neighbors and they would figure out a solution to my problem in 5 minutes flat.

    Oh, and while many are Republican, most are apolitical, and some are liberal.

    You show a picture of someone on a horse with a cowboy hat and a gun as an illustration of this dumb rural hick you imagine.

    You show that you live in complete ignorance of what rural life is like from a practical standpoint.  You have no early clue why he has a horse, a gun or a cowboy hat.

    You need to get out more.

    •  Agreed. My county, in rural Northwest Iowa, has no (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      meralda, djMikulec

      town with a population higher than 4000 people. I live on the outskirts of a town of 1000.  Most folks in this farming community are decidedly rural--they farm for a living, or cater to farmers needs, for a living, or work as merchants and teachers and doctors in the very small towns that survive in large part because of agriculture...

        And, despite a strong Dutch Reformed and conservative Lutheran influence, and despite the fact Steve King does still, inexplicably, keep winning, my neighbors and fellow rural Iowans are not any "dumber" than people my daughter meets every day in Center City, Philadelphia....Less sophisticated? Yeah, but not much--not these days of a thousand channels and internet everywhere...Quieter and somewhat repressed? Yeah, it's the nature of the region. I've learned to live with it (but I still feel the need to howl at the moon, sometimes, out of sheer frustration ;-).  But their children are well educated, they perform their jobs with dedication and talent, they're literate and sensible and hard working,  and Obama only lost the county by 2% of the vote. ;-D

        (AND we were able to buy a large, 100 year old farmhouse on an acre of land in an incredibly safe neighborhood--we don't even lock our doors when running short errands; in 9 years we've had absolutely zero crime--for $72K, my husband's commute to work is only 15 minutes long, and my internet speeds are fast enough to stream Netflix. "Rural" can be just about anything you expect it to be...except stereotypical. )

    •  I Actually Watch the Walking Dead (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Laconic Lib, sethtriggs

      So I know why Rick has a horse, a gun, and a cowboy hat in that picture. I've also got no problem with the labeling of Atlanta as being full of zombies (because, well, it is) and Rick as a moron, because one look at the outbound lanes of traffic should make it obvious something really bad happened.

      By the way, I'm starting to actively root for the zombies. They are the protagonists, right?

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