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View Diary: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being GOP (20 comments)

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    madhaus, Oh Mary Oh

    When we only let white men into the room (hell, into the neighborhood), we enjoyed "the overarching, all-encompassing concept of an American identity..., which we knew how to bring about," by only letting white men into the room. It was like a happy and reassuring Hall of Mirrors!

    Why hello! You look just like an American! And so do you! Because so do I!

    And now these "others," these ethnics, these pigment-burdened, these vaginazis, have barged into the party and yet persist in not being white men. They do not reflect my idea of myself back to me, and so they compromise and confuse my simple, "overarching, all-encompassing concept of an American identity."

    Sure, I'm male. I'm white. I enjoy privileges conferred on me by centuries of subordinating everyone else to the whims of white men. But that's not my identity! I'm just an American! Why can't these "others" be just Americans? Why can't they be my mirror?

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