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View Diary: GUS: Gave up smoking 18 months ago + Openthread (92 comments)

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  •  One Wednesday I decided to quit on Friday (9+ / 0-)

    and I started getting withdrawl symptoms immediately. While I was still smoking!

    With a cigarette in my hand I would have withdrawl symptoms just because I knew that they were going to eventually come?

    I planned on Friday being my quit day because I figured I could struggle through the day at work without breaking too much stuff and have the entire weekend to lock myself away from humanity.

    Cold turkey isn't for everybody, I bought a box of gum as a "break glass in case of severe withdrawl" and I never broke the cellophane of the box.

    •  That is funny in a scary kind of way. Pre-withdraw (7+ / 0-)

      I think i spread mine out over the entire two years I postponed that inevitable day.

      OK! For that comment I will bold the x. [It has been a little busier and much more sociable than I thought it would be here at GDbot's Gar[b]age Sale today. Forgive me.]

      There is no they, We will sink or swim together.... We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness

      by GDbot on Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 01:16:50 PM PST

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